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$LIT token is a first of its kind hyper- deflationary token with a 0% tax burn mechanism that is burning tokens at an alarming rate! It is a 100% community run project with the most LIT and diamond handed community in the DeFi space! It has improved upon its burn token predecessors with its 0 tax burns that allows $LIT to both squeeze and balance the price due to the laws of supply and demand.

How is this possible you may ask? Essentially every 1200 seconds upon someone selling, a small amount of tokens piggyback on the transaction and are sent from Uniswap to the $LIT burn address. Uniswap then resyncs the price based on our ETH pool. Lets get LIT!

100% community ran by the most Lit and Diamond handed community in the space!


It’s time for true defi to step up, $LIT community bringing safety and friendship back to the space


Check out our WhitePaper, all the LIT info in one place


To understand better the project make sure to read our RoadMap


Tokenomics Tokenomics

0/0 Auto Deflationary!

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  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Tax: 0/0
  • Burned Liquidity
  • Renounced Contract
  • Contract:
  • 0xab78f098b3ca1a0fbc5fc611b22d739f5add13dd

Roadmap Roadmap



An NFT trading protocol that provides access to safe and secure wallet to wallet NFT trading across the blockchain


LITSWAP will further expand the $LIT TOKEN ecosystem by opening the LIT TOKEN to a wider audience and adding additional liquidity management to the $LIT TOKEN.



On February 21st 2023 a video of LITSWAP NFT trading DAPP in use will be released to the public.



Q1/Q2 A beta version of LITSWAP will initially be released to the community of LitPass NFT holders. Q2 LITSWAP will be released to the general public.



Stage 3 of rollout will be the introduction of a search and suggested offer functionality tailored to each wallets contents.


Stage 4 of rollout will be the introduction of ERC20 tokens to the platform, this functionality will allow LITSWAP users the possibility of mixed NFT and ERC20 trades or sole ERC20 token trades.


Ongoing throughout entire roadmap & DAPP release.

We will be using targeted marketing strategies over the coming months to promote $LIT and LITSWAP, participating in NFT Spaces, and engaging with NFT projects to develop our active user base.

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LITSWAP is an NFT & token trading DAPP providing safe and secure wallet to wallet trading.

It is not your typical DEX token “swap” platform, but rather, it is a P2P NFT & token marketplace developed exclusively by our LIT team.

Users can trade NFT's, ERC20, ER721 and ERC1155 tokens, creating custom swaps which include any combination of both NFTs and tokens, LITSWAP is a true DeFI exchange providing its users ultimate flexibility in how to trade their assets.

LITSWAP provides a safe trade system where users can avoid taxes and price impact on token charts or NFT floor dropping.

With LITSWAP no one ever needs to drop a projects floor or dump their tokens as they can get fair market value for their assets.

Lit Pass NFT was released Q4 2022, its holders will have unlimited free use of LitSwap as well as first access to any future utilities developed by the LIT ecosystem.


How to Buy How to Buy


1. Download Metamask from The App Store or Google Play Store, for free. Or add the desktop browser extension on Google Chrome by going to metamask.io. Follow their easy steps from their guide to set up a wallet. When Metamask asks for your signature go ahead and click sign.

2. Send ETH to Metamask. You can buy ETH directly through Metamask or you can transfer some from another wallet or crypto exchange. You can follow tutorials on Youtube if you get stuck on this step.

3. Connect to Uniswap
Go to uniswap.org via a desktop browser or inside your Metamask wallet tap the three blue lines at the top left of your screen to reveal your browser.

When Metamask asks for your signature go ahead and click sign.

4. Swap ETH for $LIT
Go to uniswap.org via a desktop browser or inside your Metamask wallet. Or click here. Click the cog button and change the "Slippage" amount to 0.1-0.5%. Add your desired ETH amount you'd like to swap, click the "Swap" button to finalize the trade.